Cartoons of the week, 23-29 Mar

A look back at the past week in cartoons, with illustrations from Iain Green and Brian Adcock

Fri 29 Mar: Heightened security measures ensured that Cypriots are limited to withdraw 300 euros at a time in the wake of a historic bailout deal

Thu 28 Mar: Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are on hand to unveil the £3 million programme of Homecoming events - wind farm building festivals and all

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Wed 27 Mar: Donald Trump has pulled the plug on any future investment on his Aberdeenshire golf resort after the Government gave the go ahead to an offshore wind farm

Tue 26 Mar: As the extreme weather conditions continue, the SNP urge emergency workers to take their lead...

Mon 25 Mar: Will Alex Salmond address calls to face off with Alistair Darling in a televised debate on independence?

Sun 24 Mar: The date for the independence referendum may have been announced, but the Yes campaign still faces a mountain to climb

Sat 23 Mar: Snowfall overshadows the First Minister’s announcement of the date of next year’s independence referendum