Cartoons of the week: 22-28 September

‘Sorry’ seemed to be the word of the week, with apologies from Nick Clegg and Andrew Mitchell at the top of the news lists.

Clegg’s apology was remixed into a song that scraped into the charts at number 143.

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The Office for National Statistics has revealed that public sector borrowing has hit a record high of £14.4 billion, and George Osborne is not on coure to hit his debt-cutting target. Meanwhile, Nick Clegg told the Lib Dem conference that high earners must pay higher taxes, a view unlikely to be shared by his Conservative coalition chums.

Alex Salmond came in for criticism after suggesting the SNP had introduced free personal care to Scotland, with Labour Shadow Health Secretary Jackie Baillie pointing out that the policy was introduced by the former Labour/Lib Dem Executive in 2002, and the European Commission has challenged his law on minimum pricing for alcohol.