Brexit: Will UK Government hear the prayers of Scots? – leader comment

As Brexit Day – 29 March – looms, the Church of Scotland is offering people the chance to pray for the UK’s future relations with Europe.

Religious leaders are used to providing advice for people at times of crisis. And it’s a part of their job which means they are attuned to spotting them.

Now the Church of Scotland’s Moderator has written to Kirk ministers suggesting they invite people to come to church to pray about the UK’s future relationship with Europe.

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She could, perhaps, send another letter to the UK’s Cabinet Ministers, inviting them to attend. That way they might gain a greater understanding of the crisis facing the country, one the Government is currently perpetuating.

The Rt Rev Susan Brown, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

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No-deal Brexit ‘could spark global recession’

Brexit was supposed to have been pretty much sorted last year. We were supposed to be entering an orderly transition period towards the end of this month.

But it’s now March and no one is able to say with any certainty what is going to happen next.

As MPs flirt with the idea of a no-deal Brexit – despite the catastrophic effect this could have on our economy and, also, relations with the EU – they should bear in mind that, across Scotland, people are literally praying for this crisis to be averted.