Brexit: Shelves look empty as people panic buy. Hope our politicians know what they’re doing – Hayley Matthews

Will full supermarket shelves be empty post-Brexit? (Picture: Michael Gillen)
Will full supermarket shelves be empty post-Brexit? (Picture: Michael Gillen)
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I admit I’ve done a bit of stockpiling with extra medicines for the kids, but is this making the situation worse, asks Hayley Matthews.

I’m typing this after having gone over to the supermarket to pick up a few things. I couldn’t help but notice how there seems to be an awful lot of empty shelves. On chatting to the checkout assistant he said that he is seeing people panic buy and it’s sending others into a panic.

It’s something I spoke about recently on BBC Scotland’s Seven Days programme and I admitted to stockpiling the odd item here and there.

Now, I’d hardly say I’ve been panic buying but I have bought extra medicines for the kids, tins of beans and the odd essential.

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Are we making things worse by going in to alarm mode? I have to admit, as a parent, I’d rather have a little stocked just in case Brexit leaves us stuck.

Our lives are so convenient these days – we have an array of different products from all over the world with a choice of fruit and vegetables from near and far and we’ve got used to it, taking it all for granted.

Every time I eat a banana, I think of my aunt Joyce telling me how, being evacuated in the heat of the Second World War, bananas were non-existent and she’d never wanted a banana so much! I feel very grateful for what we have and yet feel guilty that we have too much sometimes.

The problem is, none of us really know what a post-Brexit supermarket is going to look like and I think the fear of us not knowing has made us all a little scared.

By all means, a little extra Calpol in the cupboard will do no harm, but I’m hoping that the politicians really know what they’re doing this time.