An object lesson in how people are generally nice – Hayley Matthews

A visit to a coffee shop with baby and bags in tow turned out to be an eye-opener. Picture: Getty
A visit to a coffee shop with baby and bags in tow turned out to be an eye-opener. Picture: Getty
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Hayley Matthews feared a punch after disturbing the library-like calm of a coffee shop – but got a smile and a friendly chat instead.

I’ve often been accused of being quite sensitive and have to admit that I can be on the softer side of squishy when it comes to emotions. However, recently I’realised that I need to take things less personally.

It all started with coffee up the town during the week when I entered a tiny basement coffee shop and it all felt very quiet. With Oryn on one hip and a buggy full of bags on the other, I felt like a bull in a tiny coffee shop, swinging down the stairs balancing everything within an inch of its life. I felt very out of place as everyone sat alone on ipads or with a newspaper, the place was like a quiet zone. It was almost like being in a library.

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Oryn was gabbing away and was quite unsettled and I could see I was disturbing the peace. An older man looked over his glasses at me as he paused scanning his paper, he looked like he wanted to punch me, well at least I thought that was how he looked. He didn’t. Because minutes later he was smiling chatting away to me about how his grandchildren are a handful and was giving me tips on buying a swinging chair to settle Oryn for when I needed to get some bits done about the house.

I misread his facial expressions to start off with and normally I would fly in to defensive mode and bite back as I can be a bit of a hot head, so I’m glad I didn’t. He was lovely and his advice and chat was well needed that day. So, just goes to show, you never know what anyone else is thinking so don’t be quick to fly off the handle like me.

People are generally nice, just give them a chance.