Claire Black: What Tom Daley has done is brilliant

Claire Black
Claire Black
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I WONDER what Tom Daley hoped for when he released his coming-out video on YouTube?

Acceptance, understanding, the right to be a 19-year-old in love for the first time without hordes of photographers following his every move?

To me each one of those ambitions seems eminently reasonable, even if the latter seems sadly unlikely. But did he bargain on the outpouring of “so what 
label do we use?” and “what does it mean?” and “why does he have to tell us anyway?” Probably not.

He didn’t say he was gay, it’s true. He didn’t say he was bisexual either. So what? He said he was dating a guy and that he still fancies girls. I don’t mean to rock anyone’s world here, but that’s how it works for lots of people – we might prefer one sex to the other (and, sorry, but not all of us even do that), or we might choose to have relationships with only one sex, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate or be attracted to the other.

I know the whole “born this way” thing doesn’t really fit with this, but that’s why plenty of gay people – yes, I am one of them – don’t go a bundle on that argument. Sexuality is, if you’re lucky, complex and ever-evolving which means that although labels are useful for some things, they aren’t the be-all and end-all.

So, having spectacularly failed to clear that one up, as was my intention, what about the “why does he have to tell ­everyone anyway?” criticism. It’s interesting because it often comes from gay and straight people alike. The gay ones seem to think that acceptance is when we no longer have to say that we’re different. I’m not convinced actually, I think it’s when we declare our difference but do so without fear of what might follow.

But given that more than half of LGBT young people experience homophobic bullying at school and two in five who are bullied have attempted or thought about suicide, I’m going to stick my neck out here and say we still need people to come out so that some of those kids (and maybe the people who bully them) get to hear again and again that being gay really is OK.

As for the carpers who are straight, they often bang on about gay people banging on about their sexuality all of the time, but when they do that, what they fail to acknowledge is that the closet isn’t just a neutral space that we gaily step out of slamming the door behind us – it’s a swirling vortex of heteronormative (check me) behaviour that is forever trying to suck us back in. We have to keep coming out because people are forever assuming that we’re straight.

So what Tom Daley has done is important and brave and really rather brilliant. I raise my rainbow flag to him and I wholeheartedly hope that when he says he hopes that people can be happy for him, that really they can be.

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