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A round-up of the past week in politics, as seen by our cartoonists Brian Adcock and Iain Green

Sat 2 Mar: UKIP worm their way into Conservative voters’ thoughts - and up David Cameron’s nose - as the Conservatives are given some food for thought

Illustrations by Iain Green and Brian Adcock

Illustrations by Iain Green and Brian Adcock

Sun 3 Mar: David Cameron struggles to cope with UKIP’s growing presence in the political landscape

Mon 4 Mar: David Cameron’s attempts to lumber UK debt on Scotland gives the SNP fresh impetus to push on with their Yes Scotland campaign, according to Iain Green

Tue 5 Mar: Alex Salmond’s no’ up for the dancin’ as Scotland’s potential debt burden weighs him down

Wed 6 Mar: The UK government’s U-turn on an increase in Scottish troops and a “superbarracks” leaves the country’s army looking a little light

Thu 7 Mar: Sir Mervyn King’s proposal to split RBS unites its bankers in opposition to the outgoing Bank of England governor

Fri 8 Mar: David Cameron backs George Osborne as calls continue to grow for an economic Plan B