Brexit, lunch and dinner, on the home front

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Janet Christie’s Mum’s the Word

I’m not even out of bed and Eldest Child is at my bedroom door fulminating about Brexit and Theresa May and general stupidity.

“All for a power struggle in the Tory Party! It’s STILL the same deal and even those that wanted Brexit don’t want this deal... “

“Well, you have to understand the Brexiteers points of view…,” I say.

“FGS we were allowed to keep the pound and we had special status in Europe giving us a better deal than other countries and we were at the centre of it. European countries are our biggest trade partners, not Brazil or China, or the US, just look at a map, you trade with your neighbours! London will be dead, and Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin will be the places the money goes …. OK, the EU maybe has a bit of bureaucracy needing sorted, but WTF!!!”

Absolutely, but my thoughts have run off on the domestic front in a kitchen sink, micro direction. But not microwaves…

“Fridges,” I say.

“What?” he says.

“All those fridges the government has bought to stockpile medicine for the six week ‘transition period’ (six weeks, yeah right), making us the biggest buyer of fridges IN THE WORLD! Ha, ha, talk about laughing stock.”

Eldest shakes his head.

“So,” I continue, “in a couple of years there might be a glut of ex-government fridges and they’ll only have been used for medicine so they’ll be nice and clean, a quick wipe…”

Eldest is eyeballing me, thinking ‘talk about small minded’ and ‘part of the problem’ and ‘the generation that has screwed things up for the next 20/30 years’.

Well, he isn’t chief shopper and feeder is he? Still, Middle’s great at making bread so as long as we can get flour we’ll be fine, and there’s the food bank round the corner. It’ll be OK, just remember the British spirit that got us through The War.

Wait a minute, isn’t that the same spirit that led to the founding of the NHS, the welfare state and nationalisation, by the generation that sacrificed everything for peace and inclusivity, especially in Europe? Oh.