Anna Fowlie and Annette Bruton: Together we can boost standards in care

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EVERYONE in Scotland will use social services such as nurseries, care homes for older people and care at home at some time in their lives.

People who use these services and their carers deserve the best and people need to know the standards they should expect to receive from services and, importantly, what to do if they have concerns or want to lodge a complaint.

It is crucial people who work in social services have the right skills and qualities to provide the high standard of care members of the public expect.

Clients, their carers and staff therefore need an understanding of the complementary roles the Scottish Social Service Council and the Care Inspectorate – the social care scrutiny and improvement body – play in improving the experience and outcomes for those who use social services.

Working together, we have produced a leaflet, Looking After Your Care, which provides information for the public on the role we have in improving the quality and standards and how to raise a complaint.

We’ve sent the leaflet to every registered care service in Scotland, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, health centre and social work office across the country to help raise awareness among the public and people who provide advice and advocacy.

We work closely together and believe that it is important that people who use services, carers, workers and the public are aware of the high standards required by us as the regulators.

People who use services, their carers and the wider public are a vital source of intelligence on what is happening day-to-day in care services. The information they give us can make a direct impact on the care delivered in care homes, nurseries, children’s services and by social work departments.

We can insist on changes in services and where we find problems, we work with the service and staff to make improvements.

Download the leaflet at or call: SSSC – 0845 60 30 891; Care Inspectorate – 0845 600 9527.

Anna Fowlie is chief executive of the Scottish Social Services Council and Annette Bruton is chief executive of the Care Inspectorate.