Operation ‘threat’ for women undergoing gynaecological cancer treatment

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A FIFTH of women who 
undergo major surgery for 
gynaecological cancer face suffering a further complication, researchers have found.

They say that 19 per cent of women across the UK who 
undergo such surgery suffer problems including bladder 
injuries, bowel injuries and haemorrhages.

The data, which will be presented at the National Cancer Research Institute cancer conference in Liverpool today, also shows that one in 30 women experience a serious complication, which may need another operation or procedure.

The UK Gynaecological Oncology Surgical Outcomes and Complications audit examined 1,600 operations across ten centres in the UK.

Dr Jane Cope, director of the NCRI, said: “All surgery carries risks, and it’s important that 
patients know that there may be complications during and after their surgery”.