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Do denominational schools create a climate for sectarianism to breed? John Ross, Ayrshire

There is nothing to suggest that denominational schools create division today, any more than parental choice of schools for other reasons does. The challenge for us now is to find ways to bring young people together in creative action on issues that motivate them, such as the Make Poverty History march through the streets of Edinburgh.

Has the controversy over gay weddings damaged the Kirk?

Alice Paterson, London

The Church of Scotland has handled the debate over how civil partnerships are marked in churches well. Respect has been shown on all sides of the debate.

Where do you stand regards scientific and social practices that are not in accordance with the Bible?

John McLean, Melbourne

The Bible offers us a guide, not a rule book, on modern living. This year there is a particular focus on slavery, something the Bible doesn't criticise. But Christians were led by the universality of the Bible's message of freedom to recognise slavery as an evil.

Do you agree with Canon Kenyon Wright who said that catastrophic global warming is "no longer in serious doubt"?

Neil Craig, Glasgow

Global warming is not in doubt. The only area of debate is on the subject of what is causing it.

What football team do you support?

David MacDonald, Edinburgh

I moved to Aberdeen in 1983 and have supported them ever since.

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