X-rated ’sandwich van’ workplace emails go viral

A section of the explicit email exchange circulated on Twitter
A section of the explicit email exchange circulated on Twitter
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AN email sent to an unintended recipient at work can be embarrassing at the best of times.

So you can only imagine the horror experienced by an office receptionist when an intimate series of messages with her partner were inadvertantly forwarded to her coworkers.

Office worker Melanie Anderson was left red-faced after her email exchanges to Eric Knisz were mistakenly circulated around the Aberdeen oil firm at which they both work.

In the emails, Miss Anderson calls “handsome, sexy” Knisz “sexy as anything”, while Knisz says: “I loved our s******* last night, it was ace!”

Mr Knisz, who is understood to be due to marry Miss Anderson year, added: “You are sexy as anything and I love it!

“I love making love to you its ace!!!! (sic)”

Miss Anderson is seen replying: “Good... cause I totally fancy you.”

The receptionist had sent a brief email to colleagues notifying them that the sandwich van had arrived at Integrated Subsea Services limited, but failed to spot the explicit chain of emails below until it was too late.

The email was soon circulated around other oil firms in Aberdeen, and were soon trending on Twitter under the hashtag ‘sandwichvan’.

ISS HR director Bruce Webster said: “They are absolutely mortified and apologise for any offence caused.”

The couple could not be reached for comment.