Video: Swiss footballer attacked by pine marten

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FC Zurich defender Loris Benito suffered an unusual injury during his side’s Super League clash with FC Thun this weekend - when a wild pine marten found its way onto the field and bit his hand.

The animal ran onto the pitch twice during the Super League game, and during its second foray Benito tried to corral the beast and lead it from the field.

Loris Benito catching a marten. Picture: AP

Loris Benito catching a marten. Picture: AP

Benito grabbed the pine marten by the neck, a move which proved costly. The mustelid took exception to the 21-year-old left-back, and bit his finger drawing blood.

Benito had to leave the field for treatment, but the marten was not finished.

It escaped again before the Zurich goalkeeper David Da Costa, wearing his trusty goalkeeper’s gloves, managed to seize the animal and hand it to stewards.