Video of ‘UFO’ flying over Glasgow shared online

A screenshot from the video
A screenshot from the video
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It’s a close encounter of the blurred kind.

A video filmed in the east end of Glasgow on Monday has attracted debate online over whether or not it captures a UFO.

The clip, uploaded by David Rhodes, shows a bright circular light in the distance.

Rhodes said in a comment posted online: “It disappeared right after the video ended and the sky was clear - spooky.”

Amateur photographs and videos of UFOs have a huge following, with the town of Bonnybridge, near Falkirk, being a mecca for enthusiasts from all over the world.

Earlier this year pictures of an UFO spotted near the Kelpies went viral.

Heather McEwan, from Falkirk, took some shots of the famous landmark in May and later spotted a strange object in the image she had taken.

Heather said: “I came home and it wasn’t till the following day when I was showing my daughter the pictures that she spotted a strange object.

“Curious I took the camera to Asda and had the picture blown up. I contacted UFO website BEAMS (The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society) and sent the picture.

“They were very interested and asked me to send the original files which I did. After examining the files they have agreed that it is not a plane or drone, nor is it a reflection from a camera and have now put it up as a UFO on their website.”

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