Video of Elgin fan dancing at Ibrox hits 100K mark on YouTube

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A video of an Elgin City football fan dancing at Ibrox at the weekend has become an internet sensation.

Jenny Bird, 36, was captured dancing exuberantly in the stands ahead of the Scottish Cup tie on Sunday.

SkySports picked up an Elgin fan dancing at Ibrox

SkySports picked up an Elgin fan dancing at Ibrox

Footage of the dance was beamed out to the nation on Sky Sports before the Elgin v Rangers game started.

Bemused presenters struggled to describe the unusual scene.

One presenter said: “I don’t know what that dance is but she looks like she’s having a really, really good time by herself.”

And another asked: “Straight from a night out perhaps?”

The clip soon found its way on to YouTube with a backing track.

And it has now attracted nearly 100,000 views.

But Jenny, of Nairn, said she had no idea she was being filmed and was “mortified” to find out she was on TV.

The voluntary worker said: “I was there myself. I drove from Nairn to Elgin and got on the supporters bus.

“It was my first time I’d ever been to Ibrox with Elgin.

“I totally went for it. I thought it was time I let myself go.

“Everyone was having a good time and when I’m in a crowd I seem to be at my best.”

The sports fan said she only found out she had been on the telly on the way back home on the bus.

She added: “It was good crack on the way back.

“I was mortified. I didn’t know there was a camera on me.

“I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, I just wanted to let myself go.”

Jenny said she got up dancing when she heard the Tina Turner classic Simply the Best played at the stadium.


And she said she was stone cold sober when she began busting her moves in the stands.

She added: “It’s just stuff I made up myself in the house dancing along to music.”

Social media networking sites were abuzz with comments on her performance which proved to be the highlight of the game.

One internet user called Chris Hogg said: “Oh dear god! - my kind of girl.

Others called her a “Glasgow Raver”.

And the video clip was also the talk of the town in Elgin yesterday.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “Everyone is talking about it.

“It was a disappointing game but it was good to see the fans out enjoying themselves.”