Video: Elephant roams streets after circus escape

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An elephant has been caught on camera roaming an Irish street after escaping from a circus.

The animal, known as Baby, made the dash on Tuesday, causing some alarm to customers in a coffee shop where keepers caught up with the runaway.

Baby the elephant  makes a dash for it

Baby the elephant makes a dash for it

No one was injured, but a video shot from a nearby office showed that the keepers had trouble keeping up with the 40-year-old elephant as he headed away from the coffee shop in Blackpool in County Cork.

Egle Vilmaite, manager of the Costa Coffee shop, told Ireland’s RTE News: “He was running around on his own and then you could see the guys from the circus running around, and the elephant wasn’t happy,” .

Vilmaite said that “Everything took probably three to five minutes, you know, but it was really intense.”