TV channel pulls Nae Danger energy drink advert

Nae Danger managing director Ross Gourlay. Picture: Contributed
Nae Danger managing director Ross Gourlay. Picture: Contributed
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A TELEVISION commercial for popular energy drink Nae Danger has been banned because of its slogan “chokin’ for boaby”, despite not receiving any complaints.

The advert, which has been regularly aired before the watershed on new television channel STV Glasgow since the station launched on Monday, shows a BMX biker failing to leap over a can of the Scots-made drink.

The character, called Boaby, says to himself: “This is your big chance – just dinnae blaw it.

“Everybody’s gonnae be chokin’ for a bit of Boaby after.”

A Twitter hashtag then appears on the television screen repeating the raunchy slogan.

The Nae Danger commercial, which was created by production company D32 for Glasgow-based drinks manufacturer Glencrest, was vetted by STV’s English-based company Clearcast - the firm which approved the Irn-Bru “Fanny” advert in 2012.

Glencrest managing director Ross Gourlay said: “We wanted to create an advert that was a bit edgy. It’s not ideal if it’s on during Take The High Road re-runs.”

STV refused to comment on the ‘Boaby’ advert, which is a Scottish slang word for male genitalia, but confirmed that there had been no complaints.

Mr Gourlay added: “Clearcast asked what the ‘boaby’ relevance was and we said it had potentially sexual connotations. They seemed fine with it. They only said there was a risk of ‘mild emulation’ among children - but that related to kids trying to copy the BMX stunt.

“So we couldn’t show the ad immediately before, during or after children’s programmes.

“We’ve not had any complaints. The broadcast area has a great sense of humour. It’s that Glasgow trait - we don’t get upset over things not worth getting upset over.”

In fact, viewers expressed their delight at the television advert on Twitter. Fraser Ryan tweeted: “Scottish brands adverts always amuse ‘#chokinforboaby.”

Mark Morrison wrote: “Whoever managed to get ‘#chokinfor boaby’ on an advert on TV well before the watershed is a genius.”


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