Top five April fools

Eric Schmidt had been earning a symbolic annual salary of $1. Picture: Getty
Eric Schmidt had been earning a symbolic annual salary of $1. Picture: Getty
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It has been a tradition in the printed media for decades but with the explosion of the internet, a successful April Fool will receive worldwide attention.

Google again showed that it is fond of the odd April Fool or two with a story about a version of Google Maps from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

In a specially-released video, the search giant said that the console connects to Google Maps by connecting through a ton of servers to overcome the hardware’s limitations.

The California-based firm, however was caught out by an April Fool itself when an article written by Forbes blogger Len Burman, entitled “Romney Drops Out of Race, Endorses Santorum.” made it to the top spot on Google News.

Britain’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell and David Walliams made light of the gay innuendo that has long surrounded the pair when they were snapped frolicking in a London park.

The article, published in the Daily Mirror, showed the two chatting, drinking champagne and taking a ride in a giant swan-shaped pedalo.

Virgin boss Richard Branson also jumped on the April Fools bandwagon by announcing the launch of Virgin Volcanic.

The business tycoon, who plans to launch the first commercial flights into space, promised to take willing participants into the heart of a volcano with Tom Hanks in tow inside a specially-made drill.

The Scotsman’s sister paper, the Scotland on Sunday, ran a story on its front page under giving details of a plan to use bagpipes to hasten the process of love-making between the two pandas at Edinburgh Zoo.

With the appetite for the patter of tiny Panda feet growing by the day, it was argued that bagpipe music had an aphrodisiac quality.