The end of life as we know it: Gretna Green has record number of weddings before ‘last’ day on earth

A record number of weddings have been booked at Gretna Green before the 'last' day on earth. Picture: Getty
A record number of weddings have been booked at Gretna Green before the 'last' day on earth. Picture: Getty
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IT WILL soon be the end of the world if the infamous prophecy by the ancient Mayan civilisation proves to be accurate.

And while mystics and healers are busy organising pilgrimages to renowned spiritual sites including Machu Picchu in Peru, Scotland’s ‘capital of love’ has become an unexpected mecca for brides planning to make their ‘last’ day on earth the biggest.

Gretna Green has a record number of weddings booked for December 12th, which many believe is the day when the Mayan’s legendary calender forecast that life as we know it will be over.

Michelle Hall, wedding organiser at The Famous Blacksmiths Shop, said the symbolic date - next Wednesday - was going to be their busiest day ever as 20 couples from around the UK arrive to tie the knot over the historic wedding anvil.

She said: “Brides started calling us about two years ago asking us to reserve this date. We are now at full capacity for weddings on that day and the anvil will be busy from 9 o’clock in the morning to 6.30pm in the evening.

“The Famous Blacksmiths Shop is very atmospheric and romantic so it should be a real day to remember, providing the world doesn’t end then, of course, otherwise none of us will remember it!”

Bride-to-be Donna Haeney of Wallasey, Merseyside, chose the date because modern astrologists, unlike the Mayans, believe it to be lucky - something she hopes will prove true.

The 44-year-old housewife said: “I believe in astrology and read my horoscope every day.

“All those 12s - wow - there won’t be another triple date for 100 years, and my fiancé Sean can’t forget that anniversary date!”

Explaining the good omens which the symbolic date holds for stargazers, UK astrologist Lyn Birkbeck said there was a significant planetary pattern which boded well for weddings.

He (cor) said: “The Moon and Mercury are in a good aspect.......[and] with Saturn and Venus in Scorpio they should also understand what real intimacy means to forge a successful long-lasting relationship.”

The Mayans, who lived mostly in what is now Mexico and Guatemala, were one of the most advanced societies in ancient times until their demise more than 1,100 years ago,

Opinion is divided over which date this month the Mayans forecast the world would end, with some believing that it is December 12th while others think the fateful day is December 21st.

Couples have been married over the Famous Blacksmiths Shop anvil for more than 250 years.

It first became popular in 1754 after the age at which people could marry in England without parental consent was increased to 21.

The law did not apply in Scotland, prompting countless young lovers to elope north of the border.