Strathclyde Police answered 144 call-outs on ghosts and aliens in last five years, FoI request shows

Thirty-four people had called police aftering 'seeing aliens'
Thirty-four people had called police aftering 'seeing aliens'
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STRATHCLYDE Police have answered 144 calls relating to alien sightings and paranormal activity in the last five years, it has been revealed.

Sightings of Martians, alien abduction and zombies in the streets have been among the complaints registered by police in the region.

The figures reveal that from April 2007 to March this year, 79 callers had reported hearing, seeing or communicating with ghosts.

Thirty-four had claimed to have seen aliens in their home or garden. One further caller had claimed a ghost had robbed him, while another had witnessed ghosts in a funeral parlour.

One of the more bizarre episodes revealed by the FoI request, one caller had threatened to ‘do in’ ghosts haunting him when speaking to police about the incident.

Witches and warlocks were mentioned by six callers, while a further 16 had called police regarding UFO-related incidents.

One member of the public who had reported sightings of ghosts had also made a complaint about zombies.


79 ghosts

34 aliens

8 general paranormal activity

6 witches and warlocks

16 UFO sightings

1 zombie outbreak