Star Tr-eck: William Shatner tweets Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond's Twitter exchange with William Shatner.
Alex Salmond's Twitter exchange with William Shatner.
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STAR Trek actor William Shatner has contacted Alex Salmond after the former First Minister tried to board a flight using the name James T Kirk.

Fans of the series got in touch with the actor through Twitter, after Salmond was refused entry onto a BA flight when he booked under pseudonym.

The actor tweeted: “I seem to be really popular in Scotland these days. Don’t understand it but I’ll take it!”, with a thumbs up emoji, before being informed about the incident from his followers.

The following day he tweeted at Mr Salmond: “There are easier ways to ask for an autograph!”

The MP for Gordon, who is a self confessed massive fan of the show, replied to the tweet, saying: “But who is who? ;-) #SetPhasersToFun”, with an image of his head photoshopped onto the actor’s body.