South Korea’s ‘Miss Earth’ representative dances to ‘Gangnam Style’

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IS THERE anyone who hasn’t performed their own parody of South Korean musician Psy’s mammoth global hit ‘Gangnam Style’?

We’ve seen spoof videos from Eton College students, Chinese dissident artist Ai WeiWei and we’ve even witnessed footballers aping Psy’s dance moves as goal celebrations.

Sara Kim of South Korea. Picture: AFP/Getty

Sara Kim of South Korea. Picture: AFP/Getty

Now it’s the turn of Sara Kim, South Korea’s representative at the Miss Earth beauty pageant. Miss Kim treated her fellow contestants and the media to a performance at a press conference in Manila, where the contest is being held.

Nearly 100 contestants from around the world will be competing to win this year’s accolade, with the event’s theme based on the United Nations’ celebration of the International Year of Sustainable Energy for all.