Scots Hilary Clinton says US elections will make life “miserable again”

Hilary Clinton is from Carrbridge and prefers dogs to demagogues. Picture: PA
Hilary Clinton is from Carrbridge and prefers dogs to demagogues. Picture: PA
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HILARY Clinton has revealed the US elections will make her life “miserable again” and that she was once slapped by a French police officer.

But these are not the views of the Democratic presidential candidate - they are of a 41-year-old woman with the same name who lives in Scotland.

Hillary Clinton - the US presidential hopeful. Picture: Getty Images

Hillary Clinton - the US presidential hopeful. Picture: Getty Images

With the omission of just one “l” distinguishing her from the former US secretary of state on paper, she said it is “never dull” sharing your name with a prominent figure.

“If I had a quid for every time someone asked me if my name was really Hilary Clinton, I would be a multimillionaire or a billionaire,” she said.

“I was once at LA airport in the departure lounge for a stopover - everyone is sat there waiting for their next flight. And they announce, ‘can Hilary Clinton please come to the passport desk,’ you have to get in front of 200 people - it really is bad.

“It all washes over my head now, all my friends are used to it. It is entertaining - you just have to work with it. But people do think you are lying all of the time.”

Named Hilary Clinton by her parents, she said that the former Hillary Rodham, who married Bill Clinton, should change her name because she “was born with it”.

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With no desire to ever enter into politics or to potentially share her name with the US President, she said the reaction was “bad enough” when Bill Clinton was elected.

And she says she has “heard every joke” related to the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Some of the problems she has encountered include not being taken seriously when trying to get a job, and as a teenager she was even smacked around the head by a police officer in the south of France as he did not believe her name was real.

“The last 25 years have been hard work. But sometimes it works to your advantage, and sometimes it doesn’t. People remember you,” she told the Press Association.

But there is a darker side to it all. She said Facebook can be a “nightmare” and has been on the receiving end of “so many nasty messages” - forcing her to delete her account.

Recently returning to the social networking site, she said: “I get a few nasty messages now, but not like I was doing. The Middle East is my fault apparently - the messages got quite scary.”

The professional dog walker said she also thinks the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president is “quite scary,” and that her near namesake is a much better choice.

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