Scot finds live WWII bomb in his shed

Police are investigating the incident
Police are investigating the incident
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A man has told of his lucky escape after finding a World War II bomb in his garden shed.

• World War II bomb found in Glasgow man’s shed

• 10-inch artillery round found to be live and was removed by bomb disposal team

A 10-inch artillery shell was discovered by Alistair Pateron as he was preparing to move house.

Army bomb disposal experts discovered the round, shaped like a “giant bullet”, was live after being called to the scene.

Mr Paterson, 52, said: “I had nearly finished the clear-out when I noticed something that looked like a giant bullet hanging on two hooks at the back.

“It was made of brass and had a black tip. It had started to corrode and go green. I didn’t think it would be live.”

Police in Scotstoun, Glasgow sent bomb disposal experts to Mr Paterson’s house after he alerted them to the find.

Mr Paterson had earlier been posing for photographs with the shell and showed it to his wife Gillian and their sons Ruaridh, 13 and Callum, seven.

Referring to the arrival of the bomb disposal team, Mr Paterson said: “One of the experts gave it a little shake and said ‘That’s live’. I took a step back.”

It is unknown how the shell came to be in the garden, but it is thought to have been built in 1938. It has since been removed and destroyed.