Reporter’s wife interrupts Lennon press conference

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CELTIC manager Neil Lennon is sometimes portrayed as a grumpy sort, but the Northern Irishman showed his lighter side today as he answered a journalist’s mobile phone in the middle of a press conference.

While taking a question on his team’s peformance, a ringing phone positioned near Lennon interrupted proceedings.

Neil Lennon answers a call from a journalist's better half

Neil Lennon answers a call from a journalist's better half

To a chorus of laughter from the assembled reporters, Lennon answered the call and attempted a brief conversation before the mystery caller hung up, after which Lennon remarked: “She’s not happy.”

A few moments later, Herald football correspondent Michael Grant owned up and admitted it had been his wife Sharon calling, to which Lennon responded: “You in trouble again Michael?”

A few seconds later, Mr Grant’s wife rang once more. Lennon then picked up the phone and said: “Sharon, Sharon, you gonna stop interrupting my press conference please? This is Neil Lennon here, OK?”

After Mr Grant’s wife cut short the call again, Lennon turned to a red-faced Mr Grant, saying: “You’re not going out tonight Michael.”

In the background, another journalist can be heard remarking: “Michael, what a beamer you’ve got”.

His wife, however, may not have found the exchange quite so funny.