Promo video for Scots firm Thorne Travel goes viral

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AN unintentionally hilarious promo video for a small travel agent featuring dodgy dancing, amateurish special effects and a cruise ship ‘captain’ in an ill-fitting uniform went viral today.

Thorne Travel from Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, Scotland, made the three-minute advert with the help of customers, friends and families.

Thorne Travel staff march down Kilwinning high street. Picture: Hemedia

Thorne Travel staff march down Kilwinning high street. Picture: Hemedia

Thousands of users watched the video on Friday afternoon after Father Ted creator Graham Linehan tweeted the link.

As of 5.00pm. it had been viewed almost 13,000 times on YouTube, and shared countless times on Facebook and Twitter, with one fan writing: “All it’s missing is Alan Partridge”.

The video features staff flouncing down the high street in Kilwinning to a soundtrack of Swedish House Mafia.

Various scenes show the travel agent employees transforming black and white scenes into colour.

Aye, aye, captain. Picture: Hemedia

Aye, aye, captain. Picture: Hemedia

In one memorable scene a bearded man appears as a cruise ship captain, in a uniform three sizes too big for him and approaches an elderly couple looking though a brochure.

Christina Haywood, 20, assistant manager at the travel agency said: “We wanted to show our customers that we’re quirky and like to have a laugh. So, we decided to make a video to show what we’re all about.

“We are a travel agency that is different to everyone else. We do everything from bus trips to Blackpool to luxury holidays at the other end of the world. We just wanted to spread the word.

“Filming the video was brilliant and a good laugh, but we didn’t expect what was going to happen.

“We expected a few people to watch it but it’s gone viral. It’s been great.

“People have been sharing it across social media and we’ve even had comments from Australia.”

The promo clip has proven exceptionally popular on social media.

On Twitter, @ScotsConsumers wrote: ‘@thornetravel video is hilarious - all it’s missing is Alan Partridge.’

Iain Macintosh, @iainmacintosh, tweeted: ‘@thornetravel haven’t so much gone the extra mile, as gone the extra marathon. Bodes well if they do that with your holiday.’