Pictures: Obese pets targeted by PDSA Fit Club

TJ, a mastiff from Edinburgh. Picture: PDSA/PA
TJ, a mastiff from Edinburgh. Picture: PDSA/PA
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DOGS are said to be man’s best friend, but some of those found by animal charity PDSA - such as Edinburgh mastiff TJ - are close to being their owner’s biggest friends.

The pooches are among the overweight pets taking part in the annual PDSA Fit Club, a challenge for some of the country’s most overweight pets to slim down for summer.

The animals selected by the charity - which include a cat who weighs over 5 stone - are collectively overweight to the tune of 30 stone. That’s roughly the equivalent of three small men.

Many of the animals have gained weight after injuries or through poor diet, and the PDSA have full biographies sharing each animal’s story online.

More information can be found at the PDSA website.