Nicola Sturgeon ‘shuts down’ journalist over fashion tweet

Nicola Sturgeon wearing 'that suit' with Chief Constable Phil gormley
Nicola Sturgeon wearing 'that suit' with Chief Constable Phil gormley
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A QUIP by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in response to comments about her fashion sense has become an online sensation.

A Sky News journalist decided to get funny by sending a tweet about the politician’s clothing choices.

Ireland correspondent David Blevins tweeted pictures of Ms Sturgeon, DUP leader Arlene Foster and U.TV deputy politics editor Tracey Magee wearing similar suits, with the caption: “They’re all at it. First ministers and journalists are sharing a wardrobe.”

She responded by posting a photo of Mr Blevins alongside Irish Labour Party politician Aodhan O Riordain stating: “Oh no, male journalist and male politician wear same suit.

Mr O Riordain was surprised by the use of his picture in the tweet, stating on Twitter: “Well that was unexpected.”

Ms Sturgeon retorted by explaining that the image was the first photo she found of someone wearing the same suit to Mr Blevins, adding: “And it is a nice suit!”

He replied: “Shucks! I’ll take that as an endorsement (of the suit of course). Looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

After the Tweet went viral, using the hashtag #jacketgate, the reporter at the centre of the sensation replied: “Well that’s the last fashion report I do. It appears to have sparked an international incident.”

Members of the public joined in the debate, with some saying Ms Sturgeon’s response was ‘just perfect’.

The picture in question was taken during a meeting by the First Minister with Police Scotland chief Constable Phil Gormley on Tuesday.