Naked Rambler unrepentant as he leaves Perth prison in nude after six year sentence

Steve Gough pictured in 2003
Steve Gough pictured in 2003
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NAKED Rambler Stephen Gough tasted his first day of freedom in six years yesterday and vowed to continue walking around Britain with no clothes on.

Former marine Gough said his time spent behind bars had “flown by” but added that he was looking forward to seeing his children for the first time in years.

• Police break previous protocol by not arresting Gough as he leaves prison naked

• Naked Rambler vows to continue nude walks but vows to stay away from “main roads”

Gough was spoken to by police when he was freed from Perth Prison yesterday morning, but was then allowed to go on his way in an apparent shift in Tayside Police policy.

On the last few occasions, he has been immediately arrested by officers waiting for him at the gates, but yesterday he was given the go-ahead to walk off despite being naked.

He said: “My opinion is that the police have thought, ‘The guy’s not going to give up so let’s have a think about it’. Something has changed and it is good news for me.

“What they were doing before was pre-empting complaints and now they are not.

“I am going to head south and see what happens. I haven’t seen my kids for ages. It’s not all free and easy for me as I might get arrested at any moment.

“I don’t really know what I am going to do. I could get arrested when I go round the next corner. I want to see my mum as I haven’t seen her for six years.

“My children are teenagers – Kiana is 16 and Yarin is 14. They are teenagers so I expect they are embarrassed by me. If I was them and the tables were turned and my dad was walking round naked, I suppose I would be embarrassed.

“This is my job. This is my vocation in life at the moment. I have absolutely no regrets, especially now. I think I have partially proved my point by making the police think more carefully about the issue.”

Gough, 53, who completed a 657-day sentence yesterday, revealed that he had spent the vast majority of his time in solitary confinement in maximum security Perth Prison.

“It is nice to be standing here feeling the breeze,” he said. “I haven’t been outside a building in the last six years and it is nice to smell the flowers and see the greenery.

“It’s nice to be outside in nature. It flies by when you are in prison. You think it flies by when you are outside, but it flies by even faster in prison.

“I was kept in solitary all the time. I wasn’t given association with other prisoners. I got half an hour in the evening to have a shower and walk up and down the hall when they have been locked away.

“There would be other prisoners around and I would get a chat with them. I missed having a good, deep conversation and connecting with people.

“I have kept fit doing step-ups on the chair in my cell every day I am going to stay away from busy roads and enjoy the countryside.

“To conform with everyone else is the easiest way but when you conform, you compromise. I am not going to give up. Stay naked is the word.

“What I am doing is based on my belief about what I am and what I am is not indecent,” he added. “Ordinary people have prejudices and intolerances.”

On his most recent release, Gough was arrested within 60 seconds and sentenced to 657 days imprisonment for breaching the peace.

He has spent the vast majority of the past decade behind bars because of his refusal to put on any clothing.