Men in traffic cone costumes block road in Glasgow

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MOST people see traffic cones as a blight on the landscape – but in Glasgow, they can’t get enough of them. In this video, recorded over Halloween weekend, a group of friends dressed as traffic cones blocked off a road outside Central Station.

The taxi drivers using the road were less than impressed with the stunt, organised by 24-year-old gas engineer Chris Bendoris, from Glasgow.

'Traffic cones' block the road outside Central Station

'Traffic cones' block the road outside Central Station

“The taxi driver was fuming,” he said. “His metre still must have been running.

“We had all got the train in and were were just running about the city centre mental.

“One of the lads was trying to climb on to the top of the Duke of Wellington statue but the police weren’t too happy about that.

“We dress up as a group every year.”

Fraser Campbell, 26, a sales worker from Glasgow, said: “One of our mates came up with the idea because we do group-themed costumes every year.

“We were asked by dozens of people who wanted to take photos. Most of them were up for a bit of a laugh. We did not take it too far.”

Chris Halliday, 26, a soldier from Glasgow, shared the video on social media.

“I wasn’t actually with them but I obviously missed out on a good laugh,” he said.

“The reaction has been crazy. My phone has been going off all the time since the video went out.”

Published via the Lad Bible’s Facebook page, the video has received thousands of likes and shares across social media.

The only dissenting voice below the video came from Facebook user William Turnbull, who urged: “Coney no dae that.”

One of Glasgow’s most iconic landmarks, a statue of the Duke of Wellington in Royal Exhchange Square, has worn a traffic cone for years despite frequent interventions from the city council.