MacBook Air survives 1000ft fall from aeroplane

The bent MacBook casing. Picture: Reddit/av80r
The bent MacBook casing. Picture: Reddit/av80r
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WITH all the furore surrounding the iPhone 6 Plus and the much-documented problem with the handset bending, it’s refreshing to see an Apple product that can certainly take a bit of a hammering.

This MacBook Air laptop survived mostly intact, despite falling an incredible 1000ft from a small aeroplane, and the relieved owner posted photos of the damage onto image hosting website Imgur.

The shattered trackpad. Picture: reddit/Av80r

The shattered trackpad. Picture: reddit/Av80r

A South African pilot, identifying himself as ‘Av80r’ on Reddit, said that the canopy of his Sports Cruiser light aircraft suddenly opened during the flight, with a bag containing the computer, his flying license and logbook falling around 1000ft into the fields below.

A local farmer, named as Malopo, found the belongings and searched for the owner on Facebook, tracking him down and returning the property.

The pilot wrote on Reddit: “In the bag was my ID book, my pilot’s licence and a whole lot of identifying documents. Malopo is the guy who found it and he messaged me on Facebook and found my phone number and gave me a call.

“He claimed that he heard a whistling sound and when he looked up he saw a bag hurtling towards him. He took one step to the left and it landed where he was standing.”

Despite the long drop down, the MacBook survived rather better than expected.

The casing was bent out of shape, the cooling fans were damaged and the trackpad glass broke, but aside from that, the laptop still works and perhaps most surprisingly, the screen remained in one piece.

However, the pilot revealed he had taken the damaged computer to his local Apple store - but was unsuccessful in his audacious bid to score a replacement.

He added: “I actually took it to my local iStore to try to ‘trade it in.’ They didn’t think it as funny as I did, apparently.

“I couldn’t keep a straight face as I asked them about trade ins.”


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