Limmy gets reaction from Gary Lineker for England World Cup tweet

Limmy got a reaction from England legend Gary Lineker with a tweet. Picture: John Devlin
Limmy got a reaction from England legend Gary Lineker with a tweet. Picture: John Devlin
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Limmy provoked an incredulous reaction on Twitter from England football legend and BBC presenter Gary Lineker.

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The mild-mannered Linker told the Glasgow comedian and prankster that he was speaking “utter tosh” after the Limmy, real name Brian Limond, had tweeted the Match of the Day host that England were “throwing” their World Cup fixture with Belgium on Thursday night.

England and Belgium were in a unique position going into the final Group G encounter in that the team who finished top of the group had, on paper, a more difficult route to the final of the tournament currently being played in Russia.

Both teams made numerous changes to their strongest line-up with the Belgians winning 1-0 thanks to a goal from former Manchester United starlet Adnan Januzaj. It meant England avoided a potential clash with Brazil in the quarter-final, setting up a last-16 match with Colombia.

Limmy, who hit the news when a tribute tweet of Peter Stringfellow was read out on Sky News, started a Twitter thread criticising England’s approach to the game.

He asked Twitter: “I’m hearing that England are deliberately playing s***e in order to not be up against Brazil or something, is that true?”

It was followed by calling England “cowards” and saying that he wouldn’t let the Scotland national team back in the country if they did the same at a World Cup, while using hashtags #freedom and #indyref2”

He tweeted: “So there you have it. England patting itself on the back for beating football minnows Panama, but when faced with the possibility of playing against the big boys early in the knockouts, they throw the Belgium game. Exposed for the cowards they are. #indyref2now

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“Imagine Scotland having a team like England, yet they decide to throw a game in order to delay going up against the big boys. Imagine such cowardice. I wouldn’t let them back in the country. Shame, shame, shame. Shameful.”

Limmy then included Gary Lineker in a tweet and the 57-year-old, who scored 10 World Cup goals for England, replied asking what Limmy was talking about, much to the amusement of Limmy’s fans.

Linker failed to see the joke in Limmy’s reply which said “England are throwing this game in order to avoid going up against Brazil. If Scotland had a team like England, we’d give it everything, all the way. #freedom #indyref2”.

He branded Limmy’s view “absolute rubbish. They didn’t throw the game. Talking utter tosh.”

Limmy’s fans were ecstatic with the escalation of the conversation with numerous making reference to his ‘well, he got a reaction out of you’ sketch.

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