‘Jesus’ kicked out of televised darts match at Butlins over crowd chants

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An innocent darts fan was kicked out of a televised match after the crowd began chanting that he looked like Jesus.

• Thousands chant ‘Jesus’ and point with giant foam hands.

Phil Taylor's match saw a fan taunted by the crowd

Phil Taylor's match saw a fan taunted by the crowd

• Security escort man from arena to aid darts players’ concentration.

Bearded fan Nathan Grindal turned up to see darts legend Phil Taylor take on Kim Huybrechts, but was instead removed from the room at Butlins in Minehead after the crowd began chanting “Jesus” over and over.

Mr Grindal, 33, appeared to be visibly shaken during the televised match as over 4,000 people taunted him, some using giant foam hands to point as they shouted. He was escorted to a bar close by where he was told he would have to watch the match on television so as not to cause a distraction.

However, he still signed autographs (using his real name) for fans after the match, and posted a tweet to Phil Taylor to apologise for the fuss.

The tweet said: “Hi There Mr T, sorry for interrupting game last night. My name is Nathan Grindal but unfortunately you know me as Jesus. All the best mate.”