Hero dad saves family and BBQ ribs from fire

Robert Wright with the BBQ ribs that he saved. Picture: YouTube
Robert Wright with the BBQ ribs that he saved. Picture: YouTube
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A CALIFORNIA man has been hailed a hero after saving his family from a fire - and then going back in to the blaze to rescue his dinner.

Robert Wright, from Fresno, told the KMPH Fox 26 TV station that he had made sure his family was safe before going back inside to rescue a huge rack of BBQ ribs.

Wright - who had been cooking at 3am when the blaze broke out in the apartment next door - told reporters: “The only thing I think first is make sure them ribs is right and I ran over and got my family man, brung everyone out safely - I carried everybody out myself.

“Firstly I got my kids and then I thought about my ribs like, I don’t want to let my ribs burn and stuff, because I take pride in what I do, man. It’s like, 3 o’clock in the morning and I was hungry, I was like put them ribs on there.”

“I looked over and the fire was bursting out, I was like ‘this is crazy’, let me get my kids out of this situation.”

When asked if he had sustained any injuries, Wright replied: “No, I didn’t get any injuries - except all the smoke in my lungs, and I already had smoke in my lungs, so I’m alright.”

A mother and six-year-old child escaped from another apartment in the block through a window, with both treated in hospital for smoke inhalation.”