Glasgow dog gets teeth stuck in can of Irn Bru

Darcey has since made a full recovery. Picture: PDSA
Darcey has since made a full recovery. Picture: PDSA
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A MINIATURE Dachshund has been treated at a Glasgow pet hospital after getting its teeth stuck in an Irn Bru can, in what PDSA vets have described as one of the most unusual cases they have ever seen.

Janette Gallacher’s pet dog Darcey bit into an empty can of the soft drink, which soon became lodged in her mouth and could not be removed.

Gallacher, 69, took Darcey to the PDSA’s Shamrock Street facility in Glasgow, where the can was removed.

PDSA vet Susie Hermit said: “We see all sorts of cases here at PDSA but I’ve never seen a dog with its jaw stuck in a can before!

“We could see that Darcey was bleeding and was in lots of distress. The can was so firmly wedged that we had to sedate her in order to remove it to prevent any further damage and make sure that Darcey wasn’t too uncomfortable when we took the can off her jaw.

“She was very lucky that no permanent damage was done, as the inside of the can was very sharp and it could have caused substantial damage to the lining of her mouth and her tongue.”

Ms Gallagher said: “Darcey is back to her usual cheerful self now. When I told friends about it they couldn’t believe it. It was very worrying at the time.

“We’re very careful when we bring out the Irn Bru now.”