General election diary: Milifans | Cameron’s gaffe

Ed Miliband, revelling in his new-found cool among the 'yoof'
Ed Miliband, revelling in his new-found cool among the 'yoof'
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Meet the girls of the Milifandom; the Prime Minister implies Alex Salmond is a ‘pickpocket’ and Grant Shapps denies editing his own Wikipedia page.

Conservatives FC or Labour United will play Lib Dems Athletic or SNP Rovers

Malcolm Harvey (of the Centre on Constitutional Change) put together a list of the football clubs in the Scottish leagues (excepting Berwick Rangers) and which political party controls their constituency in the Scottish Parliament.

He also created a list of the Westminster constituencies for the same football clubs, with interesting results.

Ice, Ice, Labour

MARGARET Curran and Labour campaigner Kayleigh Quinn took time out from a hectic day chapping doors to cool down with an ice lolly or two.

Margaret Curran and Kayleigh Quinn take a break. Picture: Twitter/@KayleighMQuinn]

Margaret Curran and Kayleigh Quinn take a break. Picture: Twitter/@KayleighMQuinn]

And certainly not to poke fun at a certain photo from the 1990s involving Alex Salmond. Definitely not. Not at all.

Milifans v Cameronettes

Alien v Predator. Kramer v Kramer. And now, Milifans v Cameronettes.

If this is all sounding unusual, allow us to explain: Ed Miliband has built up a following of teenage fans after a 17-year-old named Abby tweeted about her admiration for the Labour leader.

Declaring herself the leader of the ‘#Milifandom’, she described it as ‘a movement against the distorted media portrayal of Ed’.

Miliband has since replied to Abby and welcomed her to the Labour Party.

But there’s actually a more serious undertone to all this - young people are getting interested in politics, despite not being able to vote (just yet) and surely that’s a good thing?

You’ve got to elect a Nationalist or two...

THE fun part of doing this election diary each day is that there is always something bonkers to write about.

Today it’s the turn of David Cameron who, for some reason, likened Alex Salmond to a ‘pickpocket’ live on ITV.

Having just finished an interview with Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden on This Morning, Cameron was off-camera when Schofield said: “Up next, a man who can pinch your wallet, your watch and even your tie without you noticing.”

And Cameron interjected (while still off-screen): “Is that Alex Salmond?”

Cue laughter from Holden as the programme cut to an ad break.

David Cameron tries clickbait. What happens next will shock you

DAVID Cameron indulged in a little bit of clickbait this afternoon, tweeting a link to a 30-second video of Alex Salmond joking that he would be writing the next Labour Budget.

Riffing on the recent incident in which Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna put down Jim Murphy, after the Scottish Labour leader’s comments on cuts under Labour was contradicted by Ed Balls.

Salmond said: “I got a fleeting message that the Labour [shadow] financial secretary had said on the Andrew Neil programme when he was challenged about this and what Jim Murphy had said, he said, famously, the Scottish Labour leader will not write the Budget.

“But I knew that already because I am writing the Labour Party budget.”

Cameron’s response? Tweeting a link to the video with the pro-Tory message: “This footage will shock you: Alex Salmond laughs & boasts he’ll write Labour’s budget. Vote Conservative to stop it.”

Grant Shapps denies editing Wikipedia page [citation needed]

CONSERVATIVE Party chairman Grant Shapps has denied claims that he edited Wikipedia entries about himself and other MPs.

Shapps - who earlier this year was embroiled in a row over a ‘second job’ - told the BBC that the allegations reported in The Guardian were ‘categorically false and defamatory’amd that it was the ‘most bonkers story’ he’d encountered in the election campaign to date.

Prime Minister David Cameron and London mayor Boris Johnson have already thrown their support behind Shapps.

News in brief

• A pro-independence rally took place in Glasgow today as Tommy Sheridan urged voters to ‘lend their vote to the SNP’ to further the drive for independence

• Alex Salmond has revealed he altered his signature - after the Queen told him his scrawl was ‘rubbish’

• Nigel Farage has been compared to Mahatma Gandhi by Hull North candidate Sergi Singh, who also described Ukip as ‘like a chocolate bar’ - ‘You have the wafer bit, the caramel bit and the chocolate’s a mix of all these different things and it tastes really good.’

• Michael Gove has insisted that the Scottish Tories are ‘back with a bang’, adding: “The Scottish Conservatives are back and winning and I am looking forward to congratulating [West Aberdeenshire candidate] Alexander [Burnett] on his victory and giving him his first three line whip.”