General election diary: Borgen | Maisie’s manifesto

We'd definitely watch this political drama. Pictures: TSPL/Getty
We'd definitely watch this political drama. Pictures: TSPL/Getty
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Nicola Sturgeon reveals she could see Borgen star Sidse Babett Knudsen portraying her on the screen; five-year-old Maisie presents her alternative manifesto and Ruth Davidson sasses Jim Murphy on Twitter

Maisie launches manifesto

THE SNP wasn’t the only political party to launch its manifesto yesterday. Five-year-old Maisie, leader of the Pink Party, took to Twitter (via her auntie Roslyn Kerr) to launch her brief manifesto.

Her proposals include Santa to deliver toys twice a year, and for buses not to drive down roads that children play on.

Vote Maisie for a pinker Scotland.

The Joy of Painting with Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg's painted plate. Picture: Twitter/Matthew Holehouse

Nick Clegg's painted plate. Picture: Twitter/Matthew Holehouse

LIBERAL Democrat leader Nick Clegg painted a plate on Tuesday during a visit to an adult college with Vince Cable.

He painted the Liberal Democrat’s yellow bird logo on the plate and wrote ‘Nick’s plate, April 2015’ on the sides, showing that with around 15 days until the election, things are really heating up on the campaign trail.

And you can make your own jokes about things being ‘on a plate’ or Clegg getting his ‘just desserts’.

Sturgeon = Statsminister?

NICOLA Sturgeon has admitted she has rewatched Danish-language political drama Borgen ‘once or twice’ and that central character Birgitte Nyborg, portrayed by Sidse Babett Knudsen, is her favourite TV politician.

Ms Sturgeon also hinted in the interview with Radio Times that she could see Knudsen portraying her in a movie of her life.

Borgen, which has had three series so far, follows a female prime minister running a coalition government against the odds.

Ruth Davidson MSP (Most Sassy Politician)

WE’RE big fans of politicians on Twitter. We’re especially big fans of politicians on Twitter doing everyday things such as trolling journalists (looking at you here, Ms Sturgeon); replying to their own parody accounts (step forward, Mr Salmond) or just simply being Ruth Davidson MSP. In the past fortnight alone, the Scottish Tory leader has posted photos of herself posing with large fish and riding a quad bike, as well as having a wee pop at her rivals. On Monday night, she dialled the sass up to 11.

David Cameron tweeted: ‘The SNP say “If you hold the balance, then you hold the power.” They’d hold Ed Miliband to ransom. You can stop this by voting Conservative.’

Jim Murphy replied: ‘You have demeaned the Office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to become a desperate cheerleader for the SNP.’

Ruth Davidson asked Murphy: ‘You ok, hun?’

Game, set and match.

Christine Jardine ‘not a Unionist’

CHRISTINE Jardine, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Gordon - against former leader of the SNP Alex Salmond - has declared herself ‘not a Unionist’, despite making a pitch as the er, ‘Unionist candidate’.

Despite spending two years fighting to save the Union, Ms Jardine explained at a hustings in Aberdeenshire: “What I would say to you is, I’m a liberal. I’m not a unionist, I’m a federalist.”

Tory representative Colin Clark responded: “If you want coffee, drink the real thing, not decaffeinated.”


News in brief

•We learnt today that Labour frontbencher Caroline Flint proposed to husband Phil Cole ‘on a leap year, by fax from her Westminster office’. Mr Cole then accepted ‘by pager, which was regarded as terribly New Labour’. Who says romance is dead, eh?

• Labour are set to be wiped out in Edinburgh, with the party on track to lose all its seats in the capital at the general election, according to the latest polls. Edinburgh South candidate Ian Murray said: “I’ve always said it’s too close to call. We’ve been saying that for some time”

• Sticking with polls, the SNP is saying that favourable new poll results confirm Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘fantastic success’ in the recent TV debates, with support for the Nationalists holding at 49 per cent, nearly 25 points ahead of Labour

• And the First Minister said today that the SNP would ‘vigorously and loudly’ support a Labour government in some areas, stressing common ground between the two parties over plans to crackdown on zero-hour contracts and increase the minimum wage