For cost of 3,000 lattes, now you can have what’s billed as the ‘perfect’ coffee maker

The machine has been designed by Nasa scientists
The machine has been designed by Nasa scientists
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The world’s most expensive 
domestic coffee machine, designed by scientists from US space agency Nasa and fitted with wi-fi, is to go on sale for £7,000.

The Blossom One Limited coffee maker promises to make the perfect brew every time.

It even has a webcam so barcodes can be scanned in with specific brewing instructions, allowing users to share their perfect cup of coffee online.

But coffee buffs who want the top-of-the-range device need to be quick, as only ten will be made. The counter-top machine will cost the equivalent of about 3,000 standard lattes.

Spokesman Jeremy Kuempel said: “Our Blossom One Limited machine employs a novel brewing process that perfectly controls important brewing variables independently of environmental influences, empowering coffee lovers with the right tools to make truly great-tasting 

The machine was designed by a team of scientists who previously worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Apple and Nasa.

The machine has wireless internet to allow users to interface directly with the company that roasted the coffee beans. The makers claim this ensures complex coffee brewing recipes direct from the supplier can be easily replicated at home.