Ex-footballer does 30 keepie-uppies with Malteser

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A 55-year-old former footballer from Airdrie has put Liverpool’s stars to shame - by performing 30 keepie-uppies with a Malteser.

A video emerged of the English Premier League side’s first team squad trying and failing to perform 30 keepie-uppies with a tennis ball in an effort to improve their skills but Willie McGuire challenged the Anfield stars by posting his own video, substituting the tennis ball for a Malteser and uploading the clip to YouTube.

Willie McGuire with his packet of Maltesers

Willie McGuire with his packet of Maltesers

McGuire, who played as a winger for Airdrie and Partick Thistle first performed the task 30 years ago, but felt compelled to repeat the feat in order to challenge the Liverpool players.

The former footballer also managed to beat the Liverpool record of 77 keepie-uppies with a tennis ball - keeping the ball in the air for 80 whilst wearing his work shoes.

McGuire commented: “I was a bit shocked the Liverpool players struggled to do it with a tennis ball and thought I would challenge them to do it with something as small as a Malteser.”

The former Diamonds star revealed that he had had one practice, and then got his son to film him.

After completing the 30 keepie-uppies, McGuire eats the Malteser and walks off screen whilst commenting “That’s how it’s done.”