Ewan McGregor gives out kilt advice on Twitter

Ewan McGregor received an OBE yesterday. Picture: Getty
Ewan McGregor received an OBE yesterday. Picture: Getty
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SCOTTISH actor Ewan McGregor has offered advice to his Twitter fans on how best to wear a kilt.

The Trainspotting star wrote: “A typical Beginner’s move – pleats forward – put the extra material at your back and keep the wind on it. Keeps yer bum warm.”

The advice came after an exchange with one mixed-up fan who detailed his struggle with the garment.

Julian Black wrote: “Remember when I tried one on and it was on backwards? #obviouslyamerican”

McGregor, 42, was quick to lend a hand, advising the fellow user on how to be a proper Scotsman. He went on to detail the importance of keeping one’s rear warm.

He tweeted: “You know what they say… Warm bum – Warm heart.

“Actually… do they say that…maybe it’s hands, anyway pleats at the back.”

The exchange came after the famous Scot told fans of his excitement at the chance to wear the traditional Scottish dress.

He wrote: “This morning I will be wearing my kilt for a special occasion. First time in a long time. #lovethekilt”

The star did not reveal exactly what he was getting up to but promised his followers he would tweet pictures of the
tartan-clad star later on.