English petition to kick Scotland out of UK hijacked by Scots

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Men in kilts.
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An English petition to kick Scotland out of the UK has been hijacked - by Scots.

The online petition has received more than 6,800 signatures so far but 5,850 are from people living north of the border.

The petition map, built by London-based web agency Unboxed, shows that no English constituency has had more than 4 people sign the petition.

But several Scottish constituencies have attracted more than 100 backers including152 in Livingston, West Lothian, and 141 in Falkirk.

Even the Western Isles has provided 26 signatories, despite being the smallest constituency in the UK, with only 21,769 eligible voters.

England’s biggest constituency, the Isle of Wight, with 139,105 voters, has attracted just three signatures. Many constituencies south of the border have attrracted no votes at all.

Guildford, Surrey, appears to be the most “anti-Scottish” English area with a grand total of four backers.

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The full text of the petition, submitted by Max Barr, reads: “Scotland had their Referendum to be independent. The SNP want to Remain in the EU against the will of English and Welsh voters.

“Therefore I believe England, Wales and Northern Ireland should get the chance to have their Referendum to vote Scotland out of the U.K.”

If the petition reaches 10,000 signatures it will receive a response from the government.

At 100,000 it will be considered for debate in Parliament

Social media users were quick to discuss the petition map, with many finding the results hilarious, and others criticising the independence seeking Scots.

Twitter user @mllcnt97 wrote: “When British lauch #ThrowScotlandOut but they don’t expect that Scottish people agree too?

Frank Wilson added: “Och, we’re not that bothered, we’ve been thrown out of better pubs than this.”

Reddit user the_oncoming_storm said: “Surely it’d be easier if they just voted to leave the UK themselves. Always blaming others for their problems.”

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