Edinburgh student sells advertising space on his face

Jay Jones, who sells advertising space on his face. Picture: Greg Macvean/ TSPL
Jay Jones, who sells advertising space on his face. Picture: Greg Macvean/ TSPL
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A STUDENT has come up with a novel way to pay his way through university – by offering advertising space on his face.

Physics and psychology student Jay Jones, 19, who lives in halls of residence at Edinburgh University, believes it is a perfect opportunity for businesses wanting to target young people.

Every day for 100 days he will offer companies or individuals an advert placed where no-one can miss it. He has had interest from as far afield as Dubai.

The first-year student, from Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire, said: “I have found living as a independent adult, and as a student, expensive and I need to earn some money.

“I didn’t want to do the usual student jobs, so I had to think what I could do.

“Living with 2,000 other students we all go to the same cafeteria twice a day, so I thought there must be a way to make money out of that.

“I didn’t want to make money from students themselves, so I thought of advertising.

“At first I thought a human billboard, but then I came up with advertising on my face.”

The teenager launched his website on Friday, with an advert on his cheek for Your Taximeter, a website and phone app that estimates taxi fares.

Advertisers can go on his website and book space, upload their text and image and pay for it, all in a few clicks.

Then Mr Jones enlists the help of an art student friend, Richard Thompson, also 19, who creates the advert with professional face paint. Another student friend, Tom Macmichael, 19, runs the website.

Mr Jones has also taken bookings from a charity which sends students abroad, four nightclubs and a student ball.

He said: “As a student you have to pay £9,000 in tuition fees, and even when you graduate there’s no guarantee you’ll get a job.

“This could give me a head start. Who knows how big this could grow? It’s a huge adventure.”

Mr Jones’s website is www.buymyface100.com