Dominos under fire for buying in Aldi wedges

Picture: HeMedia
Picture: HeMedia
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Domino’s Pizza bosses were roasted by members of the public yesterday after a staff member was caught on camera buying potato wedges from a Scots supermarket when they ran out.

A worker at a branch of the fast-food chain in Linlithgow, West Lothian, was snapped buying 59p bags of the snacks at a local Aldi store.

The wedges are normally sold by Domino’s at £3.49 per portion - a difference in price of £2.90.

When first confronted about the claims, embarrassed staff initially claimed the food was for personal use.

But pizza bosses then admitted that wedges were sometimes purchased from the nearby supermarket, before insisting customers normally get “Domino’s wedges”.

The spud scandal was first spotted by Linlithgow resident Tom Sneddon, a First Bus employee who lives nearby.

He said: “I am a regular customer of Domino’s Pizza and was surprised to see a staff member buying potato wedges from Aldi.

“Whilst I had a bit of a chuckle, it is also really cheeky flogging Aldi products as their own.”

A spokesman for Domino’s said: “Very occasionally stores are in an unfortunate situation where some products may run out.

“With big sporting events in full swing the Linlithgow store was faced with no wedges.

“We do not advocate this as a solution and we have spoken to them to ensure ordering has been adjusted to fully cover this busy period and our customers get Domino’s wedges”.