Bull pushed off Argyll cliff during rival fight

The two bulls face off at the cliff edge. Picture: Hemedia
The two bulls face off at the cliff edge. Picture: Hemedia
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THESE are the astonishing pictures of a bull being pushed off the edge of a 30-foot cliff after fighting with a raging rival.

The two beasts wrestled for 15 minutes on top of the cliff before the loser was sent plunging down the terrifying drop.

The bull is pushed off the cliff. Picture: Hemedia

The bull is pushed off the cliff. Picture: Hemedia

Pensioner Jon Haylett was walking on Ardnamurchan Estate in Argyll, when he took the dramatic snaps.

Remarkably, when Jon made his way to the bottom of the cliff he found the bull still alive, but bleeding profusely from a head wound.

Jon, 68, of Kilchoan, Argyll, said: “I don’t know how long they had been at it, but they were busy having a confrontation when we walked past and it carried on for about a quarter of an hour.

“They were standing with their heads against each other, forehead-to-forehead and had a pushing match.

“It was a bit like two wrestlers, where there’s a lot of grappling and then all of a sudden there’s a bit of action.

“You can see the muscles on the lighter-coloured bull standing out, so the pressure must have been huge.

“There’s no doubt they were deliberately trying to push each other off the cliff, they knew it was there - they’re not stupid.

“As the fight continued nearer and nearer the edge, and very conscious that these beasts are worth a few thousand pounds each, we tried frantically to get hold of one of the estate staff who could do something.

“But as we finally got through, the lighter bull disappeared over the edge.”

When Jon saw how far the bull had fallen he realised how lucky the animal was to have survived with just a bloody head.

He said: “At first I didn’t know how steep the cliff was, but looking at it afterwards, it was actually very steep, probably just over 30ft.

“We feared the bull might have been killed.

“When we finally found a spot where we could see down the cliff, all five bulls were there, making friends again.

“Though the two who had had the fight were easily distinguished by their bloody foreheads.”