‘Batdog’ rehomed in time for Halloween

Cagney has a distinctive 'Batman' logo on her chest. Picture: SWNS
Cagney has a distinctive 'Batman' logo on her chest. Picture: SWNS
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A RESCUE centre dog with a spooky Batman logo on her chest has been rehomed in time for Halloween.

Cagney, a three-year old labrador cross, was taken on by the Dogs Trust after her owner couldn’t care for her any longer.

'Batgirl', left, and Lacey, aka Robin. Picture: SWNS

'Batgirl', left, and Lacey, aka Robin. Picture: SWNS

After arriving with a Lacey, a male labrador, staff quickly noticed Cagney’s unusual bat marking.

The friendly pooch was quickly nicknamed Batgirl, after the Bette Kane character, and Lacey, her trusty sidekick, became known as Robin.

Both animals are completely devoted to each other and staff at the Evesham rescue centre have managed to rehome them together.

They have now found a new home just before Halloween after being adopted by Dave Randle, from Nuneaton.

Dave said: “Batgirl and Robin are settling in really well and have already firmly established themselves as part of the family.

“We obviously think Batgirl is a dog in a million but you don’t see many dogs with bats on their chest so she actually really may be.

“They are both more likely to get up to mischief than solve any crimes but they are such super dogs who are keeping us very much entertained with their antics.

“It is the best Halloween treat we could ask for to have them as part of the family, and we know we would have been batty not to take them home.”

Batgirl and Robin are two of almost 17,000 stray and abandoned dogs which are cared for each year at the charity’s 20 rehoming centres.

Emma Bragginton, assistant manager of Dogs Trust Evesham, said: “We were stunned when we spotted the white marking which looks just like a bat flying across her chest.

“It is quite spooky that she has found a loving home for Halloween after being with us for months.

“They may not actually have super powers but they are such characters, they were really popular with all the staff at the rehoming centre and they are certainly superstars to us.

“It is the icing on the cake that her new owners are also adopting Robin as they absolutely adore each other. Batgirl and Robin are such affectionate, fun loving dogs, we know they will give their new owners a lot of pleasure.

“It certainly looked like love at the first sight when our terrific twosome met the Randle family and we know they will be really happy in their new home.”