Baby learns harsh lesson in train delay despair

Zach McGaffney having just received one of life's many lessons. Picture: Vine
Zach McGaffney having just received one of life's many lessons. Picture: Vine
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A VIDEO of a baby getting a hilariously harsh lesson in the grim realities of train travel has gone viral.

Zach McGaffney, eight months, is seen concentrating with anticipated pleasure as a spoonful of food approaches complete with time-honoured “choo choo” noises.

But Zach’s uncle, Robbie Morrow, from Glasgow, stops the train-shaped blue spoon a few inches from the tot’s wide-open mouth and deadpans: “Oops, train’s delayed. Sorry, will be 10 minutes.”

The baby’s instantaneous wide-eyed response has made the six-second clip an online hit with almost 400,000 views so far.

The proud uncle was quick to let his fans know that his nephew, from Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, did not go without his dinner as a result of the satirical recording.

He said: “I want to stress that he got the food straight after that video.

“Some people have commented saying it was cruel. But I can assure you he’s a wee happy dude.

“I only done it for a laugh so I don’t want to get myself barred from Scotrail. Haha.”

Commenting on the post, Facebook user Peter Gavin wrote: “When we were kids we always ate up our food when the train was coming, that way our Mum would untie us from the tracks & let us up. Was great being a kid back in those days.”

While Lauren Rankin related to the video saying: “My face when Scotrail ruin my life.”

Another user, Kelly Munro commented: “If Scotrail served meals.”

Robbie’s vine account boasts over 2,100 followers and his videos have already had over a million views collectively.