Anna Chapman tweets marriage proposal to Snowden

Anna Chapman and Edward Snowden. Picture: Getty
Anna Chapman and Edward Snowden. Picture: Getty
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Russian ex-spy Anna Chapman has tweeted a marriage proposal to former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Snowden a former contractor for the NSA who is believed to be living in a transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport has spent nearly two weeks in diplomatic limbo after his passport was revoked by the United States.

A Twitter account, believed to be Anna Chapman’s, tweeted: “Snowden, will you marry me?!” A few hours later the same account followed up with, “@nsa, will you look after our children?”

Anna Chapman, who was one of 10 Russians arrested and deported by the United States in 2010, is now famous for hosting the Russian TV show “Secrets of the World” which investigates topics ranging from astrology to wizards of the 21st century.

Chapman also regularly makes modelling appearances, becoming the face of a Moscow bank, and since returning from the US has been involved with a largely pro-Kremlin youth direct action group.

Mr Snowden, who worked for the National Security Agency as a contractor in Hawaii, has been trying since 23 June to find a country that will offer him asylum from prosecution in the US on espionage charges.