All mod songs: Frustrated homeowner takes to YouTube in bid to sell house

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AN ENTERPRISING Fifer has taken to YouTube in a bid to attract potential buyers for his seaside home.

Iain Rooney, wife Lisa and 14-month old son Danny, are planning on moving to nearby Pittenweem - but are struggling to sell their house overlooking the sea in the Fife town of Cellardyke.

The house in Cellardyke

The house in Cellardyke

The £230,000 traditional stone-built villa boasts four bedrooms along with a number of attractive features including a spacious lounge and a sizeable modern kitchen, but in six months has only had one viewer.

Mr Rooney took drastic action, writing and recording a song accompanied by a slideshow of pictures of the house and uploading it to video website YouTube, where he hopes a buyer will be sold on the house’s merits.

The 32-year-old pharamacist explained: ‘We’re just trying to do something different to create a buzz.

“When we put the house on the market, we thought it would sell quickly but in six months we’ve had only one viewing.

“We were getting a bit demoralised, so I decided to do something about it.”

The song’s ‘chorus’, for want of a better description, explains: ‘We haven’t sold by conventional means, so have gone for a gimmick to bring home the beans.’

The two-minute video contains both external shots and pictures of the rooms, and even a shot of Mr Rooney drinking tea in the bath.

Mr Rooney’s efforts have not gone unnoticed - users on social networking site Twitter have been retweeting the song, which can be bought for charity, with all proceeds going to Shelter.