Ad for ‘horrendous’ car attracts buyer within hours

Kevin Blair's old Ford Fiesta. Picture: Hemedia
Kevin Blair's old Ford Fiesta. Picture: Hemedia
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A MOTORIST who offered his “horrendours” car for sale managed to flog it within hours for £100.

Kevin Blair, a coffin-maker, wanted rid of his worn-out 2002 Ford Fiesta and posted his offer on a local Facebook group.

The advert posted by Kevin Blair for the sale of his old Ford Fiesta. Picture: Hemedia

The advert posted by Kevin Blair for the sale of his old Ford Fiesta. Picture: Hemedia

Despite describing it as “rusted” and “stinking of mackerel”, just hours later he had an eager buyer racing to pay £10 more than the local scrap merchants.

Kevin, 37, from Errol, Perthshire, placed the original advert on the Errol Village Facebook page.

He wrote: “This is my horrendous car, it could be yours! MOT failure, brake pads, burst coil spring, a few wee other things.

“It runs fine, but there is a leak underneath that wasn’t picked up in the test.

“I’ll level with you, it’s s***e. All rusted and stinks of mackerel. I eat a lot of mackerel. Decent stereo, but I’m keeping that.

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“I can get £90 at the scrapies for it, so offer me more, you can have it.”

The dad-of-two only bought the car a few months ago for £300 as a spare run-around but decided to flog it following the MOT failure.

Kevin said: “I was just going to scrap the car really as it’s no use to me without an MOT.

“It’s been a bit doom and gloom on the village Facebook group over the last few weeks so I thought I’d try to cheer folk up and see if any one needed a really terrible car.

“I stuck it up and said I could get £90 and a guy got in touch soon after and offered me £100 for it right off.

“He didn’t mention the humour in the ad, he just asked if I still had the car.

“Not long after he picked it up someone else got in touch and offered me £120 for but I’d already sold it, so I was kicking myself.”

Kevin, who has a “good” car for travelling about with the family, now plans to put the money towards buying his next banger.

He said: “I just used it for work, going back and forth over the hill.

“I’m going to put the money towards my next terrible banger, if I’m being honest.”

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