30 injured in over-exuberant pillow fight

The "fight" took place between cadets at a US military academy. Picture: PA
The "fight" took place between cadets at a US military academy. Picture: PA
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A HUGE pillow fight involving cadets at a prestigious US military academy to mark the end of summer training left at least 30 injured, according to media reports.

At least 24 cadets were said to have been left unconscious because pillows were stuffed with hard objects.

American newspapers reported that one cadet had suffered a broken leg, while others had dislocated shoulders. West Point Academy 
said none of the injuries were severe and all cadets have returned to duty.

Details of the injuries sustained in August emerged this weekend, including a video of the fight posted online showing crowds of yelling cadets, some wearing body armour as well as helmets, surging together in a central quad.

West Point is a publicly funded academy, where many of the US army’s top leaders are trained

Although pictures of the 20 August brawl have long been circulated on social media, West Point did not confirm it took place until this weekend.

The annual night-time event has been described as a harmless way of blowing off steam at the end of a gruelling summer of training.

But this year’s event seems to have been a little over-
exuberant, with pillow cases reported to have been stuffed with hard objects, thought to have been helmets.

“West Point applauds the cadets’ desire to build esprit and regrets the injuries to our cadets,” West Point spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Kasker said.

“We are conducting appropriate investigations into the causes of the injuries.”

No disciplinary action has been taken against any of the cadets.